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Yusaku Kudo

They decide to created a scenario to test his detective skills and want Shinichi to realize the danger of hunting the Black Organization.

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In addition, she takes pride in being an excellent actress and a mistress of disguise, being able to fool even her closest friends and family with her acting and disguising skills.

Friendships of Sorrow Chapter 4: Yukiko Kudo, a detective conan/case closed fanfic

Kudou Shinichi Edogawa Conan 300• Deliver and measure the effectiveness of ads• No Archive Warnings Apply 179• Summary Shinichi accidentally adopts a bird, then a whole flock of birds, then only a couple birds.

Yukiko Kudo

But the question is: has she been waiting for him too? Teen And Up Audiences 145• Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings 109• [ Detective Conan novels] in Japanese.

Friendships of Sorrow Chapter 4: Yukiko Kudo, a detective conan/case closed fanfic

Aoyama, Gosho September 7, 2004.

Jimmy Kudo

Summary A Vermouth x OC fanfiction Ever since she met the blonde criminal Kudo Giada's world has been turned upside down She never imagined she could be attracted to someone so easily but the woman's beauty that always left her breathless and her eyes that always hypnotized her made it impossible to resist her Vermouth has been questioning her loyalty to the Black Organization ever since she met Yukiko's daughter The woman wanted to leave Giada out of the organization business but knowing the condition of her brother and her connection with the FBI agent Jodie Starling it was nearly impossible so she decided to watch the girl from afar and protect her the best way she could Can a simple girl and a wanted criminal fall in love? Aoyama, Gosho April 18, 2002.

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During her acting years, Yukiko went to a Famous Stage Magician - to learn the finer arts of disguise for a role she was preparing to play.

Yukiko KUDOU (Character) ➜ Images

Kaitou KID comes to terms with his feelings in the aftermath.

Kudou Yukiko

In a Japanese poll from AnimeAnime, Kudo was voted as the best character voiced by Takayama.