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For the public eye, she is a victim of botched plastic surgery and posted "before surgery" pictures, though she has never confirmed this.

Everyone Talking About Catherine Reitman Lips

See Also— Catherine Reitman Lips and Mouth Surgery Catherine Reitman Lips and Mouth Surgery Catherine Reitman Age, Birthday Catherine is currently 37 years old according to her birthdate on April 28, 1981.

10 Things You Didn't Know about Catherine Reitman

A lot has changed since she made her on screen debut in 1988, but Catherine has only gotten better with time.

Catherine Reitman serves up the naked truth on Workin' Moms

She attended the Buckley School which is a private institution that caters to wealthy families.

Catherine Reitman Mouth, Husband, Feet, Lips, Mouth Surgery, Blackish

There are even some rumors online that the Black-ish star was helped by conniving plastic surgeons and Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif.

Catherine Reitman serves up the naked truth on Workin' Moms

Catherine Reitman: Height, Weight, And Body Measurements Catherine Reitman height is 6 feet 0 inches tall and she looks tall when standing with her friends.

Catherine Reitman Lips, Mouth, Surgery, Botched Wiki, Bio, Age, Husband, Children, Net worth

Her body measurements are not available currently, but we will update it very soon.

41 Hottest Pictures Of Catherine Reitman

Catherine Reitman before surgery and after surgery picture is this: Her height is 5 feet 5 inches weighs in at 132 lbs.

Catherine Reitman serves up the naked truth on Workin' Moms

In this section, you will get Catherine Reitman age, birthday, religion, hometown, food habits, and birthplace details.

Catherine Reitman serves up the naked truth on Workin' Moms

Catherine Reitman: Age, Birthdate, Religion, and BirthPlace Many of you may want to know more about Catherine Reitman so here we also cover other personal details.

Fans Mock 'Workin' Mom' Star Catherine Reitman for Getting a Lip Surgery

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What's Wrong With Catherine Reitman Lips? Botched Surgery Rumors

Her two sons are named Jackson and Liam.