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Pictures: An extreme chastity device incorporating scrotal piercings

Both types of piercing involve piercing either side of the head and inserting a long, thin metal barbell in between the two holes.

Men Chastity Devices

Tease and denial often include one person teasing their partner without allowing them to have a release.

Urethral Reroutes Stories

These are graduated directly in Fr units and are stepped smoothly along their length to make measurement easy and comfortable: you just insert the sound until you meet unyielding resistance.

Pictures: An extreme chastity device incorporating scrotal piercings

There are a ton more options for chastity piercings that will work on all shapes, sizes and types of penis! I drilled two tiny adjacent holes into the side of one cap, allowing the hook wires to squeeze through, and voila: When I am ready to urinate, I slide the cap back off the spout and along the wire until it is out of the way.

Getting Your Husband Pierced for Male Chastity

" There came the time when the following morning I was leaving on a two week trip and so we figured that that a little sex along with some cock play would be fun beforehand.

A Guide to Chastity Piercing

He is my slave and I can use him any way I want to — no limits except my own — and I enjoy using him in custom made videos for paying clients with special ideas.

Is He Ready For A Male Chastity Piercing?

A cock cage can be safely worn over a pierced cock without presenting any health or safety risks to the chaste male.

Denial Permanente

should be done only when the caged man has got comfortable with his chastity device.

Sissy House Slave

Honestly, the more I found out, as well as the more my wife and I talked about it, the though of having this done, making it so that instead of a dream it would become reality both excited and made me bit nervous as well, all at the same time.

Pictures: An extreme chastity device incorporating scrotal piercings

Today, chastity piercings are typically chosen by the recipient themselves as a deliberate part of their desired chastity lifestyle.