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i know that there's another game to expand the serie's universe and also one more game for vel, but i think that most of the people think that this game is the "principal" vel's story-line, so does it'll get updated to continue the story? Make sure you hydrate, take breaks that involve walks or exercise.

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Gamer Girl by Shadman

Can I trust porn games with my credit card? Game is not going to take too much of your time for one walkthrough so you could lightly replay it duo more times should you get curious.

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The storyline consists of forced choices leading to still scenes of sex acts.

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This time, however, things will change when an angel-like creature descends to them and tells them the miracle.

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I asked the creator about that game and he said it was also a steam download which is amazing I found this game by looking at a video title on pornhub asking myself is this possible to be a game and did a quick Google search that's how I found the other one about a month ago I'm going to check it out because I like games like these that are built with Ren'py especially Doki Doki Literature Club that was the shit hey, am.

Gamer Girl by Shadman

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The Grim Reaper who reaped my Heart! by Kamuo

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